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Honey at 3 Years

Breed: Chihuahua/Terrier MixWeight: 11 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves Flint River Ranch and Crunchy Munchies.
Favorite Activities: She enjoys taking a walk and chasing toys.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She likes to sleep in the bed snuggled between Mom and Dad!
Story: Honey is a proud rescue from the SPCA. She was 7 months old when she came to her forever home; she had been abused by bad people and was very, very fearful of noise, loud voices, and strangers, especially men. She came home with a letter that documented her being locked in small dark places for hours at a time as “punishment” and she exhibited fear of fast movements and small places. She was thin, frightened, and traumatized.

BUT, fast forward almost 3 years to here and now. Honey is a brave, happy, confident girl! She has learned to love and trust her Mom and Dad (though it took a LONG time with Dad because of men issues). She has overcome her fear of small places, has learned to swim (like a little dolphin!) in the pond on our 5 acres, finds joy in “herding” sheep through the fence and barking at the pot-bellied piggy, gets lots and lots of play and exercise, and is virtually fearless! She has learned basic obedience and also knows better than to chase the 20-year-old kitty, KiKi (though she's quite sure Kiki would enjoy a chase game!).

Her Dad is a dog trainer who raises Rottweilers and her Mom is a software developer. Honey is an absolute joy and adds endless love and comfort to our lives.

Staff: Linda LeCuyer
Home: Prather, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 16, 2009

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