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Dixie at 7 Years

Breed: Miniature SchnauzerWeight: 15 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves all food. Any food. Even eats the bird food if not paid attention to.
Favorite Activities: She loves to lie in the sun. There are French doors that lead to a small patio outside the master bedroom. From early morning these doors are opened and a hidden screen is unfolded. This allows a giant amount of sunshine and warmth on all but the most wintery or rainy days. She will sit at the massive windows in her house for hours at a time watching the passersby with great interest. And, too often, she loudly announces each sighting.

Dixie is so friendly, on her morning walk she attempts turning up every driveway on the route to greet the homeowners. This could make for a long walk, thus she is usually directed to heel.

She loves her bed, all people, all dogs, her two plush "babies" and two or three squeaky toys. After dinner each night, she goes to the playroom and terrorizes the squeaky toys relentlessly as they scream at the top of their, well. . . squeak.

Dixie hates a bath, riding in the car, and people who talk with Eileen without allowing her to join in the conversation. Dixie is a talker. She will argue to have the last word under any circumstance, even if it is a quiet little "woof."
Favorite Place to Sleep: Dixie sleeps in a plush (dog) bed.
Story: Eileen found this little runt dog (Miniature Schnauzer) through an ad in the paper in 2001. She just turned seven years old in October of 2008. She works hard to keep her weight at 15 pounds, but when able jumps it right up to 17 pounds. Her owner suffers a similar plight.

Dixie was abandoned by her mother at birth. She was so small the mother did not consider her worth feeding. Thus the breeder, Julie Thompson’s husband, Jeff, nurtured her with a tiny bottle.

The day Eileen called about the ad, she was told the rest of the puppies had been sold. The only one left was the little runt the mother rejected. She was still so small at 6 weeks she would not be able to return home with Eileen for a few more weeks.

An inspection trip brought Eileen to the Thompson home. After she knocked on the door, the daughter of the house, who was talking on the phone, smiled a welcome. The daughter motioned to a little dot of black on the huge kitchen floor. That little dot turned out to be what everyone knows today as Dixie. A special few call her Dixie Doodle. Sometimes, Eileen calls her Dixie Belle. Odd, for a dog of German descent. Eileen was so taken with her she actually lay down on the floor beside her! Which the daughter laughingly described to the rest of the family around the dinner table that night. There was no question they would approve Eileen to be the puppy’s new owner.
Dixie is known throughout her neighborhood as the friendliest dog ever. She will greet anyone as if they were her long lost friend. Her friends are greeted even more lavishly.

She loves to greet other dogs as well. Her friend Ginger proudly shows her beautiful self as #1298 on this site. If Ginger walks by in the morning, the sounds Dixie makes are not like any other dog sound one has ever heard. Kind of a weeping, excited, laughing, happy, begging, "don't leave me" scenario.

Although recently dubbed by the vet as a "senior," Dixie refuses to take this information seriously.

Blessed to live on an acre of land in Green Valley, Arizona, Dixie sees wildlife everyday that other dogs only dream about. Eileen puts seed out for the dove and quail population on a regular basis. If they come to dine while Dixie is looking, she wants to chase them off her property.

Although Eileen tries to avoid letting Dixie go outside when the birds are eating, sometimes it can't be helped. This makes for very confused birds in Green Valley, Arizona.

Her one regret is that she cannot go out into her back yard without a human companion. There are many of the wildlife who might consider her a nifty snack. Once, three large hawks descended on the back yard from three different directions. Eileen said the one that flew from behind her was like a 747 coming in for a landing. Eileen made a lot of noise and the hawks went on their way. Dixie looks small. It would take a crane to lift her however. The hawks are capable of severe damage regardless of their inability to lift 15 pounds. Therefore, Dixie has to ask to go outside and take a human with her. Fortunately, whole walls of the desert home are full size floor to ceiling windows, thus there is no end to areas for her to keep an eye on the property.

Dixie regrets that her owner is excessively wordy. Understanding this causes her to accept gracefully any editing of her story that may be necessary to fit it onto one Web site. [NOTE: Dixie will be pleased to know that, other than a few minor corrections and some rearranging, we didn't edit it at all.]

Staff: Eileen Casper
Home: Green Valley, AZ
Date Entered into Gallery: March 5, 2009

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