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Augie at 1 Year (left) and Deuce at 6 Months

Bob at 8 Years (left) and Deuce at 6 Months

Lexie's Arrival at Her New Home
Lexie at 4 Weeks

Deuce at 18 Months (left) and Lexie at 10 Weeks

Breed: Labrador Retriever/Border Collie/Golden RetrieverWeight: 72 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: In 2002 all three of my dogs died... cancer, heart disease, and liver failure. Convinced that diet was a major cause in two of them, I started on a quest for premium dog food for my new ones, Augie and Deuce. They have been on another food (BilJac) their whole lives but now that Deuce has started with allergies, we are changing to Flint River Ranch. Can't wait! Their snack treats are baked chicken cooked just for them. I only give them human quality food.

We got our first supply of Fish and Chips today. I gave them a few as a treat and they liked it. I mixed it in their bowls with the BilJac and Augie came over here barking to me. Thinking she was out of food, I went over to check, and she and Deuce had eaten all the Flint River Ranch chunks out of the other food! I was THRILLED. They have always liked BilJac and eaten it without problems, but this showed me that Flint River Ranch has superior taste. Then Deuce started barking and I went over there again and Augie wouldn't let him get to the bowls, hahaha. This has never happened before. My only choice was to toss in a few more Fish and Chips and I gave Deuce a few just for him.

(When I opened the bag and smelled it, I turned to my husband and said, "Man, this smells good!.... Ahoot, *I* could eat this..." LOL)

So looks like its a BIG GO on this end of things! Thanks tons and I think you've got new lifetime customers here!

A few days later...
Apparently, they really love this food: I was bringing them home from Day Care today and heard a noise in the back of the car. Deuce had taken it upon himself to rip open the Ziplock bag that had their leftovers in it and get a snack!
Favorite Activities: They all take squirrel duty very seriously and everyday we take runs through the woods and to the creek.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Everyone goes to sleep in their own special spots they like (beds abound around here), but somehow everyone is up on the bed when we wake up each morning! I LOVE it.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Augie is brave outside in the dark at night.
Story: All three were rescues/adoptions from the local vet. They used to go to Doggie Day Care but now that Momma's work has changed and she's home more, they stay home, but still visit now and again. We have a special bond with these two dogs... I can't explain it. I adore them, they adore us, and they're good dogs. I talk to them telepathically every so often to check in with them and make sure they're okay.
Augie is so smart, sweet, loving, loyal... quite possibly THE perfect dog... long, tall, lean, sleek, and sexy!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer/Cocker Spaniel (American)/PoodleWeight: 40 pounds
Gender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Deuce is very brave.... inside the house!
Deuce is my little faithful boy, almost always at my side or under my feet.

Gender: Male
Nickname: Bobcat
Bobcat has done a superb job of raising two new puppies after losing his last group of dogs. He lives happily with his dogs and life is good for us all!

Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Baked chicken and Flint River Ranch.
Story: We got her at 4 weeks due to the momma's condition—stray, heartworm positive, newborn pups, and despite excellent care from the folks who found them together under an old trailer, momma was skin and bones and having a hard time. Little momma, big pups. They were weaned early so momma could be treated, cared for, and kept. From day one, Lexie has been GO GO GO. No hill is too steep, no rock is too tall, no challenge is too great. Augie and Deuce have really risen to the occasion and are wonderful siblings to her. They play, chew face, and make lots of funny sounds. Short, sturdy, thick-bodied but with a wonderfully feminine face which is now beginning to lose the rounded puppy look. She's named in honor of a rescue (Lex) who didn't make it. I have a strong suspicion he's back as Lexie this time around—he'll have the best life can offer!

Staff: Ramona Latimer
Home: Pendergrass, GA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 22, 2004

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