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"Daaa-AD, you're gonna scare away all my snacks!"
Mouse at 7 Years

"Please save me!"

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 9 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: I just recently switched him to Flint River Ranch Hairball management cat and kitten food, which he LOVES.
Favorite Activities: We love to wrestle, and Mouse'll bite and claw, but in a controlled fashion. The only time he might draw any blood is when he goes to town with what I call "bunny kicks".
Favorite Place to Sleep: He "cuddles" with me when I lie on the sofa... chest to chest, under blankets and putting one or both front paws up to my neck in a hug.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Mouse is THE BEST cat I've ever had! He and I are constantly "talking". He's a bit more training away from meowing "hello". When he was young, I started working with him and if you wave at him and say, "can you say HI", he will meow.
Story: From age 1 to 5 he was outside from the time I left for work until I got home, probably 345 out of 365 days a year. I taught him to come home to the sound of my jingling car keys by jingling them to let him out.

I actually "lost" him for six months, a year after I got him. Evidently some college kids several doors down "found" him, fell in love with him, and ignored his tags and all my signs and posters(ERRRRG!!). He escaped when they were moving and appeared out of nowhere in my front yard. He seems to have a longer than usual tail... like 3 inches longer then you'd think, and that's how I knew it was him instantly.

Mouse was injured in a cat fight and wound up with an abscess that ran the length of his right side. A former "almost brother-in-law/friend" Vet advised to shave him and express the area... OY, GAG!. We got him patched up and now he's indoors 95% of the time.

Staff: Franco Moen
Home: Minneapolis, MN
Date Entered into Gallery: March 13, 2009

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