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Winter in Salt Lake City - Flint River Ranch Keeps Their Fur Nice, Shiny, and Thick to Keep Them Warm!
Kid at 3 Years (left) and Freckles at 6 Years

Gender: Male
Full Name: Billy the Kid
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch - they love the DryWater Kibble with water that makes gravy!
Favorite Activities: They enjoy hiking, sleeping, and eating.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They sleep in their own memory foam beds.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Just being good ol' dogs.
Story: They are both rescue dogs from Sanpete County, Utah. Both these dogs would have been euthanized within 2-3 days in Sanpete County dog pounds. Wag-n-train dog rescue rescues them from the pound, puts them in foster homes, does basic training, then carefully places them with families.

My dogs are the best, I can't imagine anyone ever abandoning a dog. They are unconditional love and you are their world!
Weight: Muscular and solid

Gender: Female
Weight: Pleasantly plump

Staff: Sonya Richins
Home: Salt Lake City, UT
Date Entered into Gallery: March 16, 2009

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