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Fabian at 4 Years

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)Gender: Male
Story: My name is Fabian. I was rescued almost 2 years ago in the neighborhood from what was becoming a bad situation. My former owners were not supposed to have a dog on premises and so I was kept in the backyard or the garage all the time. I was exposed to the elements and an unclean home without a decent dog house - all I had was a crate with a huge hole in it and one filthy blanket. I was a Christmas present that outgrew my welcome. They never potty trained me. They were not taking care of me. My eyes were running and had bad discharge from allergies. I was so matted, and my ears were so neglected. It took six months to get me cleared up.

These people wanted to get rid of me and so my new mommy said she would take care of me and she has! She loves me for who I am. She has trained me and has worked with me. I was so scared initially. My new mommy fosters rescue dogs and once she met me, she felt I added to the family of three Cocker Spaniels that she already had. I have three new siblings, Bono, Bantry, and Ringo, and two cats to share my new home with.

I’m so lucky to have my new family. But I have terrible allergies and my eyes were draining constantly and I was licking my feet constantly. She has tried just about every great grain-free food on the market and has paid a lot of money to have my allergies tested to find out what was bothering me. I’m allergic to oats, carrots, soy, poultry (turkey and chicken) as well as brewer's yeast and a host of other environmental allergens. So I’m going to have to get allergy shots. My mommy is a trained vet tech, so she can do it at home and watch me close. My mommy also had to find another dog food for me since the food I eat contains brewer's yeast, turkey, and carrots, and so Mommy remembered she once used Flint River Ranch while living in California for her other dogs and they did well. So she ordered the Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice for me! She loves me, she does! I can’t wait to see how well I will do! I will keep you posted. Woof Woof!

Staff: Helen Fidler
Home: Louisville, KY
Date Entered into Gallery: April 7, 2009

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