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Waking Up in the Morning: "Where's my Flint River Ranch?"
Andre at 4 Months

Personal Protection Dog

Rolling on the Floor Laughing after Getting His Flint River Ranch

Before Dinner

High Five after Getting His Flint River Ranch!

Breed: Great Dane/Labrador Retriever/Doberman Pinscher/Staffordshire Bull TerrierWeight: 55 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: We wanted to start him on a human grade dog food that was locally available. The trouble is that he just didn't seem to like it! To be truthful, the only way I could get him to eat the stuff was to "doctor" it with table food, and even then he wouldn't finish the whole bowl. Dry food? FORGET IT! He sniffed and walked away! This was very frustrating since this was supposed to be one of the better human grade foods! Then I read that finicky eaters would love Flint River Ranch, so I ordered it—WOW! What a difference! He eats it like it is a bowl of treats! THANK YOU FLINT RIVER RANCH!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Andre is a Personal Protection Dog.
Story: We got our Canis Panther puppy from Rock of Ages Kennel in Illinois! We drove all the way from New Jersey to get him. He should reach over 100 pounds when fullgrown.

Staff: Jay and Linda Siso
Home: Waterford Works, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: February 27, 2004

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