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Hogie at 1 Year (left) and Bella at 5 Months

Breed: German Shepherd Dog MixWeight: 52 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Fresh vegetables.
Favorite Activities: Running and swimming
Story: We adopted both Bella and Hogie from the West LA animal shelters in Los Angeles, CA (where we were living at the time). Hogie was found wondering the streets when he was only two months old. There were no brothers and/or sisters found with him, he was hiding in a turned over trash can covered in dirt and mud. We adopted him in February of 2008.

Breed: Chow Chow MixWeight: 40 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the couch.
Story: Bella was adopted in November 2008 when she was only 4 weeks old. It was an owner surrender. She had 4 brothers and 5 sisters with her, but they had all been adopted except for her. I fell in love with her cute little face, and brought her home. We love our animals and we cannot say enough about the joy they bring to our lives every day.

Staff: Tabatha and Martin
Home: Parksley, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: April 30, 2009

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