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Piper at 6 Years

Piper is not Allowed on Furniture Except Our Bed and This Stool Which She Likes Using as a Chair

Piper Enjoying the Snow in January, 2009

Daddy Giving Piper Water on a Hot Day at the Beach
Piper at 4 Years

Lucas at 1 Year

Lucas Loves Lying on His Back!

Breed: Bloodhound/Papillon MixWeight: 75 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Piper loves peanut butter and, of course, her bones!
Favorite Activities: If you take her out with her Frisbee then you are there all day playing until she's the one that tires out. She also loves her pool and water toys.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Her favorite spot in the house, is of course, our bed. Sometimes we have to try and race her up to bed just to get our spot before she does. She is so funny.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She knows how to play the "FIND IT" game. You hide a treat and tell her to go find it. She knows how to play dead, shake hands, high five, high ten, and we have taught her the command "FIRE". They always say that if there is a fire you are supposed to stay below the smoke. Well, that goes for animals too. When we say "FIRE" she drops and crawls to the sound of our voice. This is very important because she has to make it out too, especially if we are injured and can't drag her out with us ourselves!
Story: We got Piper from a farm when she was 11 weeks old. She was so big at that age that she did not look like a puppy.

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Lucas is filled with more energy than we thought was EVER possible in a cat! And we have had cats for 19 years. He runs through the house like it is a race track. He loves to chase us around the house as well as the dog. Piper and Lucas love playing with each other. It is amazing how these two hit if off LITERALLY the day we brought Lucas home.
Favorite Place to Sleep: His favorite spot to sleep is on one of Piper's many beds in the house.
Story: We had adopted him in January from a humane society, after losing our kitties, Trixie, 18, in November and Sylvester, 17 1/2, in 2007. Lucas was apparently dropped off on the door step of a Veterinarian. That is how he ended up at the humane society in September. His original name was Allegro. We didn't like that name so we chose a different name for him. With the help of Piper, of course. Before we even brought Lucas home for the first time ever, we wanted to have a new name ready for him. We couldn't decide between the name Lucas or Nitro. So we called Piper over to us and told her to go look for Nitro. She looked at us like we were nuts (we probably were). Then we told her to go look for Lucas and she went all over looking for him and she hadn't even met him yet. Well, Lucas it was.
Lucas is a what they call a Classic Tabby. However, from many pictures that we have seen, he looks like he may have Maine Coon in him.

Staff: Rick and Val Ciardullo
Home: Romeoville, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: May 1, 2009

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