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Goldie at 13 Years

Rusty at 5 Years (left) and Cleo at 7 Years


Breed: Chow Chow MixGender: Female
Favorite Food: She loves Flint River Ranch food and still has a hearty appetite.
Favorite Activities: She loves to walk, swim, and enjoys a good nap.
Story: She was abandoned at 1 year old when her owner moved. She wandered the neighborhood for 3 years having multiple puppies. When I found her, she was pregnant again, emaciated, and full of parasites. She is now around 13 years old, healthy and the most loving dog despite all of her past neglect. Everyone loves Goldie.

Breed: Chow Chow MixGender: Male
Favorite Food: They are now healthy, love Flint River Ranch food, and the sweetest dogs ever.
Story: I found them both, Rusty and Cleo, in the woods, living near the bayou. Rusty was found with a rope around his neck at about 1 year old. It took me a good while to rescue them both as they were terrified of people. I have had them since 2005.

Breed: Chow ChowGender: Female
Story: Cleo was about 3 years. Cleo was emaciated, no hair at all, and pregnant. Please spay, neuter, adopt, and save sweet creatures like these.

Breed: Chow Chow MixGender: Female
Story: She passed away in 2008 unexpectedly. She showed up on my property 7 years earlier unsocialized and in poor health. With lots of patience and TLC she became the sweetest, most lovable creature. I miss her everyday. I Love You, my beautiful Starlight.

Staff: Rosemary Gossage
Home: Pasadena, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: May 9, 2009

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