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Left-to-right: Devon, Darby, Daisy

Breed: WhippetGender: Male
Favorite Food: They are doing very well, in their middle age, on Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice formula kibble... much less gas... which is a very good thing.

Breed: WhippetGender: Male
Story: Our brindle boy, Darby, was our first attempt to foster; we flunked. He was supposed to be here on an emergency basis for just a few days and that was four years ago. We call him our Velcro dog as he will not leave our side; our constant shadow.

Breed: WhippetGender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: All three sleep under the covers with us so let's just say, we are all very close. Thank goodness my husband is absolutely crazy about them; just like me!
Story: Daisy and Devon are "reject" show dogs. They both have a fault for the show ring and their owners decided not to show them. So they came to live with us as just PETS!

Staff: Justine Kay
Home: San Lorenzo, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 27, 2009

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