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Callie at 5 Years

Callie doing her favorite thing... sleeping!
Callie at 6 Years

Right after I had her groomed. You can tell by the look on her face that she wasn't too happy. She doesn't like to be away from Mommy!

My daughter's 90 pound Lab, Caesar, sneaking a bite of Callie's Flint River Food!

Breed: Maltese/Poodle MixWeight: 13 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Of course it is Flint River Ranch's Trout and Potato. She has very sensitive skin and was constantly scratching but after switching to the Flint River Ranch brand of dog food, the scratching stopped within a week. She didn't have a problem switching foods and will actually eat anything I put in her dish including any people food that is accidentally dropped or whatever she can steal if I'm not looking, but I try not to give her anything but the Flint River Ranch dog food.
Favorite Activities: She loves taking walks and riding in my car.
Favorite Place to Sleep: During the day, on the back of the sofa on her blanket so she can look out the window whenever she hears a noise and in the bed with me at night curled up against my neck.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Her special talent is retrieving napkins, paper towels, or tissues out of the waste can and shredding them all over the house and she gives the best puppy dog kisses ever!
Story: Callie originally belonged to my sister who bought her as a puppy to replace her Maltese who had died, but she didn't have the patience to potty train her and wanted to give her away. Of course, I had already fallen in love with her by then and couldn't stand the thought of her going to a stranger so I took her and she's been my baby ever since. She's a great companion and I can't imagine my life without her.

Staff: Sheila Stewart
Home: Greensboro, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: June 8, 2009

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