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Finn at 19 Months

Bella at 2 Years

Bella and Finn Playing Tug

Breed: Terrier MixWeight: 55 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Finn will eat anything!
Favorite Activities: Finn loves to play, play, and play! In between, he also loves going on walks, walks, walks and follow Mommy around and lie on Daddy's lap!
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the love seat (when Bella's not on it) and on the doggie bed in front of the TV.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He lies down and tucks his paw underneath himself, very cute! When he doesn't listen, we count to "1, 2, 3," and usually by #2 he listens to what he's told!
Story: We rescued Finn after his owner could not handle his hyperactive behavior. He has been great with us, with some patience, control, and discipline.
Finn eats like a horse and has adapted easily to the change in food. He submits to Bella when he feels like it and when he doesn't he jumps all over her until she's had enough!

Breed: Great DaneWeight: 130 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: She is VERY picky - loves peanut butter, chicken, cheese, doggie biscotti from the Enrico Biscotti company, and loves chewing on rawhide.
Favorite Activities: Bella likes to lie around when she's home, and play with other dogs at Doggie Daycare! She really likes to antagonize FINN!!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Bella has not decided which is best, in her crate or on the love seat in the living room.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She gives kisses and talks a lot!
Story: We got Bella from a breeder in Altoona, Pa (Artemis Great Danes) when she was 8 weeks old.
Bella has had constant on-and-off bowel issues. So far after a month of working in the Flint River Ranch food with her old food she seems to be having firmer poop!

Staff: Wendy and Jim Kauffman
Home: Pittsburgh, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 9, 2009

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