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Sitting Around a Campsite in the Uinta Mountains of Utah
Oliver at 7 Years

At The Track
Oliver at 6 Years

With His New Kitten and Mom
Oliver at 5 Years

Breed: DalmatianWeight: 57 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato is his favorite. It was his need for a low-purine diet that actually had a sufficient level high-quality protein, no fillers, and something that tasted like food, which led us to Flint River Ranch. He was prescribed Hill's U/D by his vet, which, along with the allopurinol, kept his stones in check, but was otherwise horrible food, and he hated it.
Favorite Activities: Going... Anywhere... as long as he gets to go.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps on the bed, of course.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Huh? He is a Dal. Does sleeping count?
Story: Oliver was a pound rescue at the age of 18 weeks. He came down with Parvo 24 hours after adoption and luckily survived (although the vet bill almost killed his Dad!). Later on in his first year we discovered that he was a 'stone-forming' Dal. He required surgery on his bladder once to remove stones and has since been on allopurinol as a preventative for 7 years now.

Just a short time ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes, which was a shock to us, since we've been so carefully monitoring his diet all his life... he's never been fed table scraps and never gets candy or other unhealthy treats, but for whatever reason, he is diabetic, and now takes 14 units of Humulin N twice a day -- but overall, he is doing great!!

Being a very rare Lemon/Tricolor, and having a ghost face makes him one of the more unique Dalmatians I've ever seen, and if you look closely at the second picture, you'll see a paw print pattern on his right ear, which never fails get strangers to stop and ask, "what kind of dog is that, anyway". Most people don't believe he's a Dal.

Oliver is unique in many ways. He is very quiet out of doors, he hates the rain and snow, and only barks when the door bell rings (or the Domino's pizza ads run on TV). He never licks and is very good with other animals and kids - he loves everybody. He is very intelligent, but he's about as stubborn and willful as any Weimaraner you'll ever meet. He'll speak, sit, sit up, shake, high-five, roll over, dance and sing and he'll do it all with nothing more than hand signals... as long as he is offered a treat to do it -- otherwise, forget it.

Oliver turns 8 this year and despite all his health issues, he is healthy, alert, lean, trim and active and with the help of the good folks here at Flint River and a few pharmaceuticals, we hope to keep him around for another 8 years.

Staff: Gary and Jodi McCall
Home: Layton, UT
Date Entered into Gallery: June 11, 2009

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