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Ready for the Big Jail Break!
Sarah at 5 Years

"Where's the beach?"
Tache at 5 Years

Breed: Rhodesian RidgebackWeight: 78 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Tache is allergic to everything! She gets itchy and gas... but not with the Flint River Ranch Fish & Chips! Even my sister Jayne says it tastes good!
Favorite Activities: They like wrestling with each other! They also enjoys trying to talk Grandma out of cheese, sleeping, barking, and general doggie things!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Tache seems to take up most of my queen size bed!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Tache is the time keeper. I've never had a dog that had such a good sense of time. She keeps Grandma on her toes all day, tells her when she should eat, when Tache should eat, when Grandma should be making dinner for us, etc. She also is very attentive to things like the teakettle boiling or the timer going off.
Story: Tache was adopted from the Tampa Bay Humane Society. They didn't know what breed she was and had her down as a hound. The first time the ridge showed up I knew what she was. She has been a hyper dog at times and very independent. She wouldn't house break until we got the doggy door. She did attempt to bring in a 10-foot limb one day and had it half way in before Grandma caught her.

Breed: Golden Retriever/Chow ChowWeight: 92 pounds
Gender: Female
Nickname: Doorstop
Favorite Place to Sleep: Sarah sleeps wherever Sarah wants to... and that's about everywhere all the time! And she snores louder than the rest of us!
Story: Sarah had been living on the streets with the homeless. She was small and sick when my sister's neighbor picked her up and gave her to Jayne. Jayne had just lost a dog of 15 years and he thought she would cheer her up. The vet said she would not get bigger than 60 pounds, judging by her size and the fact that she had already gone into heat right after Jayne started feeding her regularly... well 60 + 32!

Sarah used to climb everything so my sister made a 6-foot pen for her during the day and even put a chain link roof on it. She would come home and find Sarah hanging from the roof!

Sarah's nickname now is Doorstop because when she decides to sleep in front of our doors you can't open them, you have to scoot her across the floor!

Staff: Jackie and Jayne Schofield
Home: Tampa, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: March 2, 2004

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