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Fanci at 5 Years

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)/Poodle MixGender: Female
Full Name: We named her Merry Ann Christmas (MAC for short).
Favorite Food: Her favorite food, of course, is Flint River Ranch Senior Lite. She even eats it for treats! She now has Kidney Disease and we are so glad we found Flint River Ranch because she would not eat the Kidney Disease Dog Food. When I had my veterinarian check out your website and the ingredients in Flint River Ranch Senior Lite she said it was fine for Mac.
Favorite Activities: Mac loves to travel and Nashville is her favorite place to go. She has to navigate with her baseball hat on.
Story: My little Mac was found under a bush in December with the weather (wind chill) at 40 below zero. This was in December 1995. She is our pride and joy and although we have had many dogs in our lifetime, she is something very special. When we took her to the veterinarian that first time, he said she would have died that night.

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)Weight: 35 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Fanci also loves Flint River Ranch and prays that Mac will drop a treat so that she can grab it.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is the clown in the family! Each dog brings their own special something to every family. She makes us laugh all the time.
She was supposed to be the runt of the litter and not over 25 pounds. Well, she made a liar out of the breeder, she is 35 pounds, but has quite a waist! (move over Dolly Parton).

Staff: Al and Barbara Lamar
Home: Danville, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: June 25, 2009

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