2719. Martin and Vesna Print         
Vesna and Martin with
Clyde (left) and Bonnie
At 6 Years

Breed: Miniature PinscherWeight: 20 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They both love Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble.
Favorite Activities: Clyde likes bolting from the owners when unsupervised.
Story: Clyde's first year was spent roaming the streets of Los Angeles. His original owners abandoned him and a kind soul picked him up from the streets and turned him over to the MinPinRescue.org Humane Society, where we adopted him when he was slightly older than a year.

Breed: Miniature PinscherWeight: 17 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: Bonnie likes to sleep on the leather sofa.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Both of them can heel, roll over, play dead, shake hand, jump, sit, and down.
Story: Bonnie allegedly kept "running away" from her home in New Mexico, so the owners gave her up to the MinPinRescue.org Humane Society. We got her because we felt Clyde was feeling lonely and needed someone to teach him some manners. As soon as Bonnie made it home, the pecking order was re-established, she became the alpha dog :). Both Bonnie and Clyde are great watchdogs and wonderful companions!

Staff: Martin and Vesna
Home: Renton, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: July 28, 2009

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