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Left-to-right: Connor at 5 Years, Rupi at 2 Years, Zack at 13 Years, Lily at 11 Years

Frit at 3 Years

Angus at 5 Months

Breed: VizslaGender: Male
Favorite Activities: He likes to bark when the other dogs play, so we call him the fun police. He just likes to bark so that is why he got called Barky Von Schnauzer; happy to see you "bark", pet me "bark", fun police "bark".

Breed: English PointerGender: Female
Favorite Activities: She is pretty crazy, loves to play and loves to run and chase birds.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is an AKC champion and Agility dog.

Breed: VizslaGender: Male
Story: Our first Vizsla, and my first agility dog, and miracle man who got hit by a car after being attacked by a dog, ran a mile with a broken pelvis and got found, hence the Miracle Man title!!!

Breed: Vizsla/German Shorthaired PointerGender: Female
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She is my second and most wonderful agility dog who got her first two titles with perfect scores in the minimum time needed to achieve each title (3 shows). We call her our Rocket Scientist, as she is the smartest one in our whole house.
All my dogs talk and we love that, call it Rao Rao, and we love that they do!!! I could talk about them forever, but best stop now!!

Breed: DachshundGender: Male

Breed: English PointerGender: Male

Staff: Gael Johnson
Home: Toledo, OR
Date Entered into Gallery: July 29, 2009

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