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"Yeah, I KNOW I look good!"
Shelby at 4 Years

"Did you say cookies?"
Ol' Roy at 2 Years

Breed: BeagleGender: Female
Favorite Food: Anything she can get in her mouth, especially cookies (treats).
Favorite Activities: Shelby's favorite thing to do is sleep.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Shelby and Ol'Roy like to sleep right on top of us in bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Shelby is too smart to get her to do what we want. She does a few tricks to amuse us.
Story: Shelby knows she is the queen of the house and we are all there to please her in every way.

Ol' Roy
Breed: Beagle/Labrador RetrieverGender: Male
Favorite Food: His food must be cooked or prepared to perfection or he will not look at it, but he also enjoys cookies (treats).
Favorite Activities: Ol' Roy is very fond of picking on mom.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Ol'Roy will clean out our eyes when he wants us up.
Story: Ol'Roy was the last of Shelby's pups to be given away, no one wanted him so we ended up keeping him and we keep in touch with all the pups and he is the best looking one of all the litter. Ol'Roy is just plan happy to be home with mom because mom has it so darn good.
Most of all they are babied too much, pampered too much, and they are just living the perfect dogs life!

Staff: Brenda and Charles
Home: Le Sueur, MN
Date Entered into Gallery: July 30, 2009

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