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Lying in the Sun After a Swim
Russell Danger at 2 Years

Russell Danger
Breed: DachshundWeight: 13 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: Russell loves chicken and lamb dry food, chicken treats, bacon treats, vegetable treats, and Kong liver fillers.
Favorite Activities: He loves hiking, running, Dachshund races, swimming, playing fetch, begging for food, tearing apart ropes, and running on dog beach.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Russell sleeps on our bed, in between legs.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He can run for miles on a good pace.
Story: Darren and I went to a ranch in Fallbrook, CA to look at a litter of Dachshunds on October 3, 2006. Darren was not planning on taking one home but I sure was. We originally wanted a red colored Dachshund but when we picked up the red one and played with him, he seem disinterested. We decided to see how the black litter was and there were 2 left. The lady (Pauline Troxell) picked one up for Darren and me to play with. I carried the puppy and kissed him but he seemed disinterested as well and did not pay any attention to us. I then had Darren get the other black puppy and as soon as he gave me Russell, he was it. He started licking me and seemed very playful when we put him down on the ground. The other black puppy just sort of did his own thing and went away. I took both black dogs to see which one was cuter and had bigger ears and Russell was it. I knew from there we had to take him home. Darren was very hesitant but just looking at Russell's cute face and big ears, he said yes. As we drove off and took Russell with us, I looked down in my lap and cried and said "you're going home with us now." It's been 3 long years and he is still the cutest little thing. Even though he can get destructive and jerky at times, we still love him.

Staff: Josephine Hernaez and Darren Leong
Home: Irvine, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 11, 2009

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