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Zach at 2 Years

Skippy at 18 Years

Patches at 13 Years


Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Breed: Scottish TerrierWeight: 32 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Zach was eating Flint River Ranch at the rescue and he loves it.
Story: Zach is a rescue dog. He immediately loved the cats when he moved in (much to their collective disgust!). Working to gain his trust for me took quiet a bit more effort and, after getting bit twice, I called a terrier behaviorist. Three months later, this loving brindle will lay his head on my feet, and can play with a toy!

Breed: ManxVariety: Orange
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: I decided to move the cats to Flint River Ranch and they eat a 50/50 blend of the Senior and Hairball formula as a supplement to a raw diet. It's only been 1 month so I can't say much yet regarding results. However, they do like the food!
Skippy suffers with arthritis in the winter and wears sweaters.

Breed: ManxVariety: Black and White
Gender: Male
Patches once got in a fight with a nutria.

Breed: Japanese BobtailVariety: Calico
Gender: Female
Mollie is the funniest, sweetest cat ever! She despises dogs!

Staff: Dawn Killian
Home: College Station, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: September 16, 2009

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