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Browser (left) and Google
At 6 Months

Breed: Havanese/Bichon FriséGender: Male
Favorite Food: Their favorite food is the Flint River Ranch trout and sweet potato wafers. And, yes, Browser eagerly does the Havanese wave for Flint River Ranch wafers.
Favorite Activities: Browser is very curious and is always browsing. He is a master at the Havanese wave either standing up or sitting. He waves for treats, he waves for attention, and he waves to encourage his brother to play with him.
Story: I only intended to get one dog, but when I went to the breeders I saw how close Browser and the then Washington were and I just couldn't separate best friends. They are half brothers and share the same sire. So I bought them both. I kept Browser's name because he had eyebrows that curved down over his eyes and it fit him. But a brother named Washington would just never do. So I focused on coming up with a hip 21st century name and decided on Google. They are both true joys, intelligent, playful, and devoted. They add purpose and meaning to my life.

Breed: HavaneseGender: Male
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Google is simply goofy. He's quite vociferous and I've taught him to say "Hi." He does this by forcing a yawn and the word "Hi" comes out. This never fails to tickle my friends and family.

Staff: Michelle Stabb
Home: Ann Arbor, MI
Date Entered into Gallery: October 29, 2009

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