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Milo at 15 Years

Ollie at 7 Months

Stanley at 1 Year

Ollie (left) and Stanley
At 10 Months

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Male
Favorite Activities: Milo liked to drink water. His favorite place was to drink running water from the sink in the bathroom. He would race people up the stairs to beat them into the bathroom before being locked out, and then some poor houseguest would be standing there with a large kitten waiting expectantly for the water faucet to be turned on. I think he may have just enjoyed the game of racing up the stairs and pestering my house guests.

He would also drink from unattended water glasses, and he even liked to jump in the shower (while it was running) whenever he had the opportunity. So much for the theory that kitties don't like to get wet.

Ollie does all the same things, but Stanley doesn't.

Breed: RagaMuffinGender: Male
Story: Sometimes, I feel as though Milo's spirit is around here, somewhere, coaching Ollie on all of his favorite habits! My other kitten, Stanley, does not try to drink from the faucet and does not seem to be attracted to my water glasses.

When friends come to visit they question my placement of various bowls and glasses around the house, not to mention the fountains. I move the glasses, because I feel like when the boys happen upon a full water glass in an unexpected place, they generally stop to take a drink. I'm not sure why they like them so much, but it may be because initially, both with my last kitty and these two kittens, I tried to discourage them drinking from my glasses because it requires me to be extra careful about leaving my own glasses around unattended (so perhaps drinking from the glasses makes them feel like they are getting away with something naughty).

Breed: RagaMuffinGender: Male
Stanley, although 15 days younger than Ollie, outweighs Ollie by several pounds, and he is also the one who does most of the grooming for both of them.

Staff: M. Anderson
Home: San Jose, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 9, 2010

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