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Two Very Happy Poodles
Abby (left) and Grady
At 4 Years

Breed: Standard PoodleGender: Female
Birthday: February 14, 2005
Favorite Food: Until we switched to Flint River Ranch, these kids were finicky (to say the least) about food. We'd been accustomed to Labrador Retrievers, who would try to consume their bowls after finishing their dinner. The poodles wanted to know if their meal was wild or farm-raised, and always demanded the wine list! Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice is the first food we've ever seen them eat with gusto; they still circle a bit first, but they eat every crumb. Better still, their paw-licking has eased off, they rarely vomit, and their stools are a LOT easier to pick up, as they are firm and smaller.
Favorite Activities: They love playing outdoors. As in this picture, where they are on their pedestal on the deck, wondering if they could, please, run down to the yard, and live outdoors all winter.

Breed: Standard PoodleGender: Male
Birthday: February 14, 2005
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They are the guardians of our neighborhood and the best company we've ever known.
Story: We adopted these littermates when they were 2½ years old in October of 2007 from Poodle Rescue of New England.

Staff: Wendy and David Newton
Home: Northampton, MA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 14, 2010

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