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Mama's Boy
Snoopy at 12 Years

Breed: BeagleWeight: 45 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: I have had to move my mailbox to the outside of the house, chain my trash can to the wall, and lock up all my books. He eats paper and thinks it's his duty to eat my mail. He especially likes checks. He lives to eat.
Favorite Activities: He howls when excited, especially if food is being prepared; he barks at dogs walking by the house; he whimpers when sad; he yells when scolding me and has a different voice for everything.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He has dog beds all over the house and visits all of them. However, he loves to sleep on my bed at night and also for naps. He cuddles up next to me (if I'm lucky enough to get to the bed first). If he gets in bed first, he stretches out and I have no place to sleep. The only way I can budge him is to offer a treat at the end of the bed and then jump in quickly when he goes to retrieve it.
Story: Snoopy came to me by what I think was divine intervention. I went to the shelter to seek a small, non-shedding dog to keep my other two rescues company. I didn't intend to get a Beagle. When I went into the room, he looked up at me from his cage with the saddest expression I had ever seen on man or beast. He spoke to me in doggy language. He said, with that look and a whimper, "Please take me home." I was hooked.

I didn't know until after I adopted him that he had been returned three times for bad behavior! I soon found out why. He had a sad life before I got him. He had been abandoned, was ill, had at least two surgeries, had been in various shelters for over a year, and when he goes to the vet or the groomer, cannot tolerate even looking at a cage.

He loves my vet because he gets a special treat, and just jumps up at the counter and scolds until the staff produces it. They always get it out when they see him coming.

He has medical problems and my vet and I do the best we can to take good care of him. He's a sweet dog and a mama's boy. If he hears me cry, he runs to me, throws himself around me, and has an asthma attack. So, I don't dare cry in his presence. He's probably the naughtiest dog in the world, but also the most lovable and I can't picture life without him.

Staff: Doris Furman
Home: Denver, CO
Date Entered into Gallery: February 17, 2010

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