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Cassidy at 16 Months (left) and Belle at 4 Years

Breed: Golden RetrieverGender: Male
Story: We got Cassidy as a puppy after the death of our beloved Sundance.

Breed: Golden RetrieverGender: Female
Story: We rescued Belle through the Golden Rescue in Los Angeles, California. She was taken by Golden Rescue from a shelter in Los Angeles and adopted by a family in Orange County, CA. She managed to get out of their yard and was lost for over a month in the Orange County wilderness. No one can imagine how she survived, but she did.

She was scared and shy when we got her and is coming around slowly. She is the love of our lives. Cassidy loves her and they look so much alike that most people think they are brother and sister. When we first got her, she hovered in the corner for weeks. Now she loves her walks and playing ball and eating and eating and eating. How lucky are we!

Staff: Linnette and Hugh Temple
Home: Los Angeles, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 14, 2010

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