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My Two Best Friends (Besides My Wife)
Curly at 5 Years (left) and Haley at 6 Years

Curly's Bad Haircut (She Looks Better Now)

"I'm all smiles!"

"I'm ready to go play!"

Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: They both love to play catch and go on car rides. If you just say, "Bye bye," they go nuts.
Story: One day we got a call from my sister-in-law about a dog that was found wandering on the side of the road. He was picked up and taken to a shelter. Upon examination by a vet, it was found that he had heartworms. But my sister in-law said that the dog seemed to have been trained, so we took him in as a playmate for Haley. We decided to take him home for a week to see how well they would get along. Well, it was like they knew each other all along: they played and romped like they had been friends for life. So after a week of getting to know each other, we took Curly to the vet for his heartworm treatment. This took three days—the longest three days of Haley's life. She missed her new brother, but when he came home they played like a couple of young pups.
It's been 10 months that Haley and Curly have been on Flint River Ranch dog food. We took them to the vet and they had lost 14 pounds each, which is great. We couldn't be happier! Thanks, Flint River Ranch!

Gender: Female

Staff: Joe and Teri Krach
Home: Franklin, OH
Date Entered into Gallery: April 23, 2004

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