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Left-to-right: Honey at 2 Years, Sadie at 9 Years, Hanna at 2 Years, Bailey at 2 Years, CJ at 2 Years

Breed: PekingeseGender: Female
Story: She was a recovery puppy mill dog, being sold on the side of the road, pregnant. I found out from a tag on her that she was from a mill states away and the son had taken all the dogs and was selling them on the side of the road (he had 30 or so). I found Sadie on Christmas Eve, 2007, while getting out for a drive. I have always believed pets find us!

Well, after she had the crew, I just felt I owed it to her to keep her babies. At 7 years old, she did not need to lose any more of her young. Two years later, she has become one happy gal. As silly as it may seem, she often stares at me, teeth smiling as in the picture, letting me know I got it right. However, it was all of them that saved my life. They washed away drama in my life and taught me that all living things have something to share. I hope the shot makes you smile!

Breed: PekingeseGender: Female

Breed: PekingeseGender: Female

Breed: PekingeseGender: Female

Breed: PekingeseGender: Male

Staff: Rob Westbury
Home: Midlothian, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 18, 2010

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