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Typical Brothers!
Tag (left) and Alfie
At 18 Months

Brotherly Love

"What's that thing in your hands?"

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)/Poodle/American Bulldog/Shih TzuGender: Male
Story: They're brothers (litter mates) and they are totally devoted to each other, which is why we ended up getting both of them when we went to pick up Alf. They're a wonderful mix of a black Cockapoo (mother) and white Bulldog/Shih Tzu (how did that happen?).

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)/Poodle/American Bulldog/Shih TzuGender: Male
Favorite Activities: They both enjoy playing and wrestling with each other.
Our two boys have been eating your Lamb, Millet, and Rice food since we brought them home in March, 2009. We've recently been adding a little of the "Fish N Chips" to their meals and Tag, especially, loves it.

Even though they're brothers, they have really distinct personalities. Tag (beige color) is the crazy one, always grinning and tearing around the house or the back yard and getting excited about EVERYTHING. Alfie, who's a sweet, calm dog, tolerates the wild antics of his little brother with quiet dignity.

Tag and Alf say Flint River Ranch dog food is the best!

Staff: Sally Bunce
Home: Yardley, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 3, 2010

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