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Snow Poppy Napping on the Couch

Snow Poppy at 6 Months

Figaro at 1 Year

Friends at Play

Snow Poppy
Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Male
Favorite Food: He loves to eat Flint River Ranch Cat and Kitten food and it didn't take him long to fill out and outgrow the back of the chair.
Nickname: Poppy
Favorite Place to Sleep: He has no favorite place to sleep. Sometimes, I find him on the foot of my bed, but he makes himself at home. During the day, he loves to nap in the backyard in a sunny place. He'll mosey in for occasional snacks.
Story: Poppy's breeder is Daisy Addison of Balihai Cattery in Carlsbad, California. She breeds Himalayans, Exotics, and Persians, and adds a personal touch so that her cats have their individual personalities. Poppy is attentive and makes his desires known. He and Figaro, who is one year older than Poppy, are good friends.
Poppy is now 6 years old (as of 2010).

Breed: Himalayan PersianGender: Male
Favorite Food: He has his choice of food and loves Flint River Ranch's crunchy nuggets.
Nickname: Figs
Favorite Activities: He loves to play with Poppy. He prefers the indoors, but ventures out into the sunshine in the backyard.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Figs has the run of the house and has no pre-selected place to sleep.
Story: Figaro was bred at PrancenPaws kennel. He is a gentle cat, but loves to play.
Figs is now 7 years old (as of 2010).

Staff: Bonnie Scali
Home: Manhattan Beach, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 14, 2010

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