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With His "Friend"
Rafi at 9 Years

Weight: 15 poundsGender: Male
Full Name: His full name is Rafael Angeldog (I figured he needed Divine assistance, he was so sick when I got him), and he is truly an angel dog. And a beautiful dog. And a heart dog.
Story: I got Rafi from SPCA. He was full size, and weighed 8 pounds. They had to shave him, he had so many branches in his hair, not to mention dreadlocks from not being combed. Being a nurse and taking care of sick people all day, I didn't want a sick dog, but his eyes were so loving, he was so skinny, he had kennel cough, was heart-worm positive, and I got him anyway.

He is the sweetest guy. He never wakes me up in the morning when I need to sleep in. He rarely barks. But! Last Christmas, my sister Nancy bought us a stuffed dog that barks Jingle Bells. So every time I press the paw, Rafi sings along. He doesn't have the tune down yet, but it is a hoot to listen. He still has a walloping heart murmur, but he is a happy dog, and loves everyone.

Staff: Rita Kluny
Home: Austin, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: June 30, 2010

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