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Bettie Mai

Bettie Mai
Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Favorite Food: Her favorite foods include just about anything, but among them cocoa bars with cashew butter fortified with calcium, squash blossoms, instant mashed potatoes, and split pea soup. She has catnip mice with nary a tail on them as she makes short work of tails.
Favorite Activities: Bettie Mai likes to eat better than anything.
Story: I adopted her in Georgia in 2007, and she's been a great, social, loyal pet who senses how my own health is as I have a severe health problem, and she is my companion through it.
Recently she helped me rescue a bird that had been hit by a car and was sitting in the roadway. I picked it up and put it in one of her cat cages, which the bird loved, and Bettie Mai sniffed it through the wire, which it did not mind. We dropped the bird off at a rescue facility.

Bettie Mai's very adaptable, likes kids, etc. There is one down side to living with Bettie: if she gets hungry at night and her food dish is not full, she looks for you with the idea of giving you a "gentle reminder." If her water dish is empty, she trashes it. But all this is trivia, and it makes her that much more "her."

Staff: C.E. Whitehead
Home: Tallahassee, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: July 16, 2010

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