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Spartan at 16 Months

Spartan at 22 Months

Spartan at 2 Years

Spartan at 2 Years

Breed: Terrier MixWeight: 26 pounds
Gender: Male
Nickname: Sparty
Favorite Food: He loves pumpkin puree, sweet potato, peanut butter, cheese, Flint River Ranch Fish & Chips dog food, and any treats!
Favorite Activities: He enjoys playing outside, hanging with his dog pals at doggie daycare, and finding treats with his dog brick or canine genius toy.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He likes sleeping on the couch.
Story: Spartan was adopted at 10 months from PAWS Chicago (they rescued him from Animal Care & Control) and I was lucky to find him. We've been together ever since! He was a stray and since then he's learned doggie manners and tricks like sit, stay, down, come, pals, rollover. He's also logged lots of miles around the neighborhood walking and running. And most of all, Spartan has loved everyone unconditionally—with his hello jumps, licks, and wagging tail. He's taught me to enjoy the simple things in life! Sparty's a Great Dog!
Sparty has two speeds: quick escape artist and very speedy!

Staff: Paige Anderson
Home: Chicago, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: August 11, 2010

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