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Enjoying the View Just before Sunset
Jorja (left) and Jo
At 1 Year

First Birthday Party

Breed: CollieVariety: Standard Rough, Sable
Weight: 70 poundsGender: Male
Birthday: April 14, 2009
Favorite Food: They enjoyed Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato (Fish and Chips) from the start and their coats have really taken on a beautiful shine. The white in their manes just shimmers.
Favorite Activities: Their favorite activities are "herding" each other, "protecting" us from the boats that come down the canal, and roughhousing with their "dad."
Favorite Place to Sleep: They start out on our bed and then head for wherever they choose.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Their only responsibility is keeping us very, very happy.
Story: The "kids" were purchased from a breeder in Arkansas and we have become "family"... they even came to visit us recently when they were on a trip to Florida.

The pups, especially Jo, have allergy issues. Jo was previously on allergy injections. The injections have stopped and both dogs are now on low dose of Prednisone. Jo will eat anything but Jorja is finicky. We wanted the best food we could give them and with the least amount of trigger ingredients in their diet, but something they would both eat and thrive on. Thanks for a great product and we hope you like the pictures of the "kids."

Breed: CollieVariety: Standard Rough, Mahogany
Weight: 64 poundsGender: Female
Birthday: April 14, 2009

Staff: Linda and Eddie
Home: Cape Coral, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: September 13, 2010

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