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Teddy Bear at 1 Year

Teddy Bear
Breed: Poodle/Yorkshire TerrierWeight: 18 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: He follows me everywhere. We recently decided to raise guinea fowl and chickens, and so far he has done really well! He will chase them, but they let him know they DON’T like it! He loves to sit outside the coop and watch the baby chicks!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Teddy’s favorite place to be is in bed with my husband and me.
Story: Some other elderly family members adopted him from a pet store in Oregon. They were told he was NOT from a "puppy mill," but very soon they had their doubts. They were told he would be about 8 pounds, and he is 18 pounds!

He had been on display in the store for 5½ months and the only thing he knew how to do was spin circles, thousands of them every day! He had no doggie social skills and still takes offense when approached by other dogs, because he doesn’t understand "their language." He is getting better and now only spins circles when he is really excited or nervous.

We brought Teddy into our family a little over a year ago and he has made incredible strides in obedience and social skills. He is a floppy, flexible, fun little guy! He has a serious under bite, doesn’t see very well and hates to be left alone, but we have fallen in love with him!

The picture was taken for the microchip Web site, so if he’s ever lost, we can print off flyers. He was sitting on a stool in the kitchen and he was posing! Needless to say, he’s a quirky little guy, but we love him tons and tons!

Staff: Jodi Harster
Home: Poulsbo, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 15, 2010

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