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Dotcat at 8 Years

Dotcat at 3 Years

Reo at 3 Years

Reo at 4 Months

Breed: BengalWeight: 5 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: He is a very funny cat who loves his little fur mice. He hides them in the laundry or our shoes and then "finds" them with great exuberance.
REO is named after Ransom E. Olds' 1930's Speed Wagon. He and our 4-year-old pound kitty have yet to come to a clear understanding of "who's the boss?"

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Female
Favorite Food: Both cats are champion purr-ers and I find incredible comfort in their affection. In exchange, they get Flint River Ranch cat food and all the love I can give back!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She says "mom" when I talk to her, and if I am leaving, she will run and jump into my arms to keep me from going out the door.
Story: She is a rescue from the King County Animal Control Shelter and we got her at the age of 8 weeks in July of 2000. We picked her because she was such a pretty silver color with occasional splotches of red and yellows.

Staff: Tina St.Cyr-Miller
Home: Renton, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 22, 2004

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