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Cassie at 8 Years (left) and Bear at 5 Months

Breed: Standard PoodleWeight: 40 pounds
Gender: Female
Story: We found a way to get her to put on weight. My daughter fell in love with a mixed Bullmastiff puppy just before she left for a study abroad program. His name is Bear, and he is rather active, which keeps Cassie active. He also likes to eat and they seem to have a contest on eating at this point. Cassie has, as a result, put on some weight but she has self-regulated quite well and definitely is still lean.

They both seem to get along well, play a lot, and like to walk a lot. They also have resulted in a significant increase in the Flint River Ranch kibble consumption.

Breed: Bullmastiff MixWeight: 60 pounds
Gender: Male

Staff: Dan and Joanne Rhoads
Home: Bethesda, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: September 22, 2010

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