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Emma at 2 Years

Breed: American BulldogWeight: 75 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Emma likes Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato (Fish and Chips) Nugget Dog Food. She also enjoys toast even though she can't have it anymore.
Favorite Activities: She loves to play with her baby brother, Blue. She also likes lying on the couch and going for long walks.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She likes to sleep on the couch.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: She knows how to give "High 5." She also knows her left from her right paw and she can pound it too!
Story: I call Emma my orphan dog because she was purchased by my brother and his family when he had his second daughter. They soon found that having a newborn and a puppy was incredibly difficult to manage. So, when I heard that he was considering sending her to the pound, I said absolutely not. I will take her. Emma soon became a holy terror in my house, ate everything and played and played and played. She had never-ending energy.

She was a dear best friend to our other dog Rosie and was devastated when Rosie passed away this spring—so were we. Now Emma gets to be the big sister to her baby brother Blue.

Emma is a great dog! She is now becoming more obedient and the puppy stages are fading away. Emma is a mama's girl no doubt. She's my sweetheart and my brother is incredibly jealous that we have an awesome dog!

Staff: Maryann and Jason Kirchner
Home: Summerhill, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 30, 2010

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