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The Day after Rika Came Home
Jasper at 1 Year (left) and Paprika (Rika) at 2 Months

Breed: VizslaGender: Male
Birthday: April 9, 2001
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Jasper patiently endures all of Rika's taunts and abuses.
Story: Jasper is from River City Vizslas in Napa, CA, a breeder known nationally for breeding champions.

Paprika (Rika)
Breed: VizslaGender: Female
Birthday: July 4, 2002
Story: Vizslas are superb Pointer/Retrievers that are also known for their excellent dispositions. They prefer the company of humans to other dogs and are known as "Velcro Dogs" as they always stick right by your side.

Rika is from Russet Leather Vizslas in Santa Clarita, CA, a breeder known nationally for breeding champions.

Rika has already demonstrated that she will be the boss.

Staff: William Ross
Home: Los Gatos, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: September 10, 2002

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