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Rocco at 3 Years

Oreo at 2 Years

Hamlet at 5 Years

Breed: Welsh TerrierGender: Male
Birthday: November 10, 2000
My neighbor has been feeding Flint River Ranch to his dog Coco, an 11-year old long-haired Akita for the last 6+ years. I hadn't seen them in a while and recently ran into them. Coco looks the same as he did years ago: great coat, gait, and temperament. He has never been ill. I am convinced, as well as Coco's owner, that her well-being is attributed to her diet. Can't wait to receive my order.

Breed: Border Collie/Flat-Coated RetrieverBirthday: January 11, 2002

Breed: Maine CoonBirthday: November 11, 1998

Staff: Marcie and Kayla
Home: Forest Hills, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: May 29, 2004

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