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Milo Antonio
Breed: WhippetWeight: 32 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: They like Flint River wafers, and dry food! They all love Flint River! (Because of you they now like the the mail man with the truck too!)
Favorite Activities: They enjoy running free at Point Isabel Park.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They all love sleeping with Mom and Dad in Big Bed.
Story: Two Italian Greyhounds are deaf and have special needs. All five were on prescription diet until we met Flint River!

My hounds had special needs when it came to diet and grooming needs. Since we have been on Flint River Dog Food we now do not need the special diet dog food from our Veterinary office. We have also had an improvement in our skin care as well as a result of eating Flint River Dog Food. All health has improve as well as the quality of life. Our vet bills have drop dramatically We can not thank you enough for helping us improve our lives. We are much happier hounds from all end of life. We love you Flint River us hounds in California.

He has Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Stella Souza
Breed: GreyhoundVariety: Italian
Weight: 16 poundsGender: Female
She has some food allergies.

Lacey Violet
Breed: GreyhoundVariety: Italian
Weight: 12 poundsGender: Female
She has some food allergies.

Lunetta Lucianna
Breed: GreyhoundVariety: Italian
Weight: 15 poundsGender: Female
She has some food allergies.

Mia Luchi
Breed: GreyhoundVariety: Italian
Weight: 18 poundsGender: Female
She had some stomach sensitivities.

Staff: Nancy Gutierrez
Home: Pinole, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: November 24, 2010

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