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Jazz at 15 Months

Luna at 5 Months

Jetty at 13 Years

Luna at 1 Year

Breed: Belgian Shepherd DogVariety: Tervuren
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Buck likes Lamb/Rice/Millet with homecooking as a topping.
Story: Having a sensitive digestive tract and on the advice of my breeder, I switched Buck over to FRR and I can say, without equivocation, this was the best decision for him. He no longer suffers from IBS and other upsets and his stools have firmed up.

Buck is a Search and Rescue dog, a CGC, CD and exceedingly intelligent and, of course, it goes without saying, very dignified and stunning to look at. Thank you, FRR, for your great foods.

Breed: Chesapeake Bay RetrieverGender: Female
Story: This is my Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Jazz, a true dock diving diva and soon to become, CGC. Jazz was bred by York River Chesapeakes a.k.a York River's Sea Jazz.

Her beautiful diva body is a product of her diet Flint River Lamb/Rice/Millet, swimming on a daily basis, and cross training activities. I attribute FRR to her overall well being. The correct blend of proteins, fiber, and enough fat to build strong muscles. Stools are well formed now, stamina is great and she has a curly coat to die for. Thanks, FRR for a great food which serves sporting and working dogs well.

Breed: English BulldogGender: Female
Story: Luna comes from a very respected English Bull Dog breeder. She is exceedingly athletic, smart, very funny, with strong bone and substance. She doesn't have or will have a ton of wrinkling which, for me is a very good thing and as you can see, she is keeping up just fine with my almost 9 year old Belgian Tervuren. She has been fed Flint River Puppy Kibble since I brought her home at 8 weeks and switched her slowly over from Eukanuba large puppy (YUCK). As a side note, Luna is a red brindle patch and I also include additional Omega 3,6,9 capsules in her food for her immune system and joint health chewable tabs for her growing joints. For all you Bullie people out there, stop the puppy food at 6 months and slowly switch to FRR Lamb, Rice, Millet formula. I also add raw food (Bravo) to her slightly soaked kibble.

I have purchased and tried many of the so called super premium dog foods and none have matched the results of FRR - Lamb, Rice, Millet. Be advised that I do incorporate raw but, for the most part, my guys are kibble fed, with appropriate vitamin supplementation. Stool formation is consistent; coats are thick, stamina is good and NO gas, especially with the English Bull Dog, a breed prone to digestive disturbances. Thank you, FRR. Customer Service is stellar. Please continue to keep your product as pure as it is and I will remain a loyal customer.

Breed: Maine CoonGender: Male
Favorite Activities: His favorite past time is hiding behind something and swatting a dog as one passes him and then running away, or better still, if one is sound asleep, just jumping on one and high tailing it.
Jetty has been a Flint River cat since 2010. His nails were splitting and cracking when I trimmed them.. Since all my dogs are on FRR, with firm stools, great stamina and good coats, I decided to try the kibble on Jetty. He is picky but, loved the kitten and cat kibble instantly and he likes the shape. unlike ball shaped kibble, these enforce good chewing habits. With the ball shaped kibble, it is too easy for them to swallow whole, thereby choking. He loves to hear himself chew and crunch!!!! Maine Coons are very intelligent and dog-like and like dogs! They are also very gentle. Jetty is solely an indoor cat. His nails are no longer brittle, skin is not dry and he is kitten like once again.

Breed: English BulldogGender: Female
Story: Luna is a pure bred English Bull Dog, purchased from a reputable breeder. She is strong, sweet, tough and possesses no health issues. This is a breed which should not be owned by any one who does not have the time or financial capability to care for this high maintenance breed and should not be owned by a novice dog person...the owner should be adept and consistent in the training process from puppy hood and onward. It is a fallacy that Bull Dogs are lazy. They become that way from an inactive environment. This is a strong willed breed which possesses never ending loyalty and love to its owner. They also possess quite the vocabulary and often make sounds akin to a small child.

Luna has been raised on Flint River since she was 8 weeks old! She also receives Omegas 3, 6 and 9 additional supplementation for her immune system. She has no skin problems or problems of any type which are associated with this breed. Luna possesses a lush coat as well. Full of athleticism, a zest for life and her mommy, I can say unequivocally, that along with a good gene pool, she is this healthy because of her FRR diet and exercise program which consists of gutting every and all stuffed animals in the house and then bringing it to me with a smile on her face, her daily fast paced walks down to the lake and making long, deep tunnels in the snow!

Staff: Diane deRusso
Home: Scarborough, ME
Date Entered into Gallery: November 24, 2010

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