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First Snow
Caius at 3 Months

Chasing Squirrels
Caius at 6 Months

Breed: Standard PoodleWeight: 38 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Caius Marcius
Favorite Food: He started out alternating kibble and raw chicken until bird flu appeared; now he just eats Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble, with bites of cheese or chicken hotdog for a treat.
Favorite Activities: He likes chasing squirrels, birds, butterflies, toads, and even breaking waves. He loves to run! He likes to make noise with squeaking and grunting toys or just by tossing his toys around. He also loves to play and have his tummy rubbed.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps anywhere nearby.
He is named for the lead in Shakespeare's "Coriolanus," but he is very down to earth and playful. He reminds us that life is good and full of joy.

Staff: Bryfogle Family
Home: Chestertown, MD
Date Entered into Gallery: May 29, 2004

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