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Coco at 13 Years


Breed: Chow ChowGender: Male
Coco has just been diagnosed with cancer. We're giving him the best and all his favorite things, and lots of it.

Breed: Chow ChowGender: Male
Story: Chama is the second one I've taken off death row because they have been unmanageable in the shelter. Both of them turned out to be non-aggressive and big loves. I'm not sure how I seem to know, it just happens. He has severe fly strike on his ears which he is finally letting me put medicine on occasionally. Plus he doesn't eat well yet and now he has an upper respiratory problem common for dogs from the shelter. But he gives me kisses every day now. He just needs lots of love and patience and soon he will be feeling better.

Staff: Rita Franco
Home: Sunland, CA
Date Entered into Gallery: January 21, 2011

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