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Cooper at 2 Months


Breed: Rhodesian RidgebackWeight: 110 pounds
Gender: Male
Full Name: Mini Cooper is his named but he's huge!
Favorite Food: His favorite is peanut butter and anything else he can find!
Favorite Activities: He enjoys eating, sleeping, playing with other dogs, RUNNING, hide and seek!
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps anywhere that's big enough (that kind of narrows down the choices.)
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Cooper is a great listener! He never interrupts! He is also loving and understanding.
Story: He's a big dog in a small apartment! Most dogs are afraid of him because of his size! Truth be told he's just a big stuffed animal! He's misunderstood!

Staff: Kate, Gwyneth, Alison and Josh
Home: New York, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: March 8, 2011

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