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Dust-bunny Sentinel
Bud at 2 Years

Faucet Sentinel

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatWeight: 14 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: He is thriving on Flint River Ranch Cat Food, and he loves Iams dry cat food for hand-fed "snacky snacks." Shhh... don't tell Bud it's not really "snack" food! He occasionally gets Flint River Ranch and/or Wysong cat treats, though he really prefers the Iams cat food as snacks!
Favorite Activities: He enjoys watching the birdies from the windows and making "squeaky-kitty-I-see-birdies" noises at them.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He likes to sleep in his carrier with a mushy blanket on the bottom.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Bud is an amazing alarm clock, waking me up at precisely 5:45 AM every single morning. It has become his "job," as I rely on him to get me up now!
Story: It was love at first sight when our eyes met through the cold, impersonal, kennel-cage door. Abandoned by previous owners due to allergies, here was Bud, in a clean but cramped cage, patiently awaiting a new bathroom faucet to scout. As for me, there was a big hole in my heart left by my 19-year-old boy, BooBoo, who sadly had to be put down due to an aural hematoma. Now, here was Bud. Tugging at my heartstrings, asking me with his ever-so-expressive eyes to take him home. I did, we did, and we've never looked back. He is truly my buddy-boy—the perfect balm for a broken heart.

Staff: Kathy
Home: Chicago, IL
Date Entered into Gallery: June 13, 2004

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