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Spring run in the woods!
Left-to-right: Hannah at 7 Years, Haley at 1 Year, Hannah at 7 Years

Breed: PoodleWeight: 48 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: They both like Flint River Duck and Oatmeal Nugget!
Favorite Activities: The enjoy working the woods.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Their favorite place to sleep is on the memory foam bed of course! They are Poodle dogs!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: They are responsible for maintaining order in the neighborhood, monitoring the routines of the household and keeping interlopers OUT of the boundaries of the yard.
Story: These girls have never known abuse of any kind. They only know a world of love, adventure, trust and good times. We live to keep it that way.

Breed: PoodleWeight: 38 pounds
Gender: Female

Staff: Shari Szilagyi
Home: New Carlisle, IN
Date Entered into Gallery: April 12, 2011

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