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Two months after we got Gracie.

Breed: Doberman PinscherGender: Female
Favorite Food: Their favorite are Fish, they love fish, and any other kind of meat and of course Flint River.
Favorite Activities: Gracie and Coco like being big lap dogs, going for long walks and riding in the vehicles, and looking for varmints in the yard with success. They recently cornered a large raccoon I had to intervene and save, Gracie brought a juvie opossum up on the deck that did his trick and escaped, and Coco nabbed a flying squirrel off a tree under the bird feeder this weekend, the poor fellow did not make it. Gracie also takes guarding the house and yard quite seriously, Coco remains in the background and just kind of watches Gracie's pseudo-ferocious posturing.
Favorite Place to Sleep: They both sleep with us in the bed, often under the covers.
Story: Gracie and Coco are rescue dogs, Gracie from Atlanta Doberman Rescue and Coco from Cobb County Animal control, aka the Pound. If you look at the 2005 pic of Gracie, which was about 2 months after we got her and had been feeding her well you will notice she looks like a concentration camp survivor. She literally had scarring all over her chest and lower legs do to being locked in a kennel 24/7 for over a year and laying in bio waste. She chronically scratched her skin and hair, we thought she never would grow hair in the scarred areas or look anything like our 2 prior Dobes. After trying a few supposed ultra premium foods over 8 months she had only gone from 40 pounds to about 50 pounds and still looked severely underweight. At that point we decided to give FRR a try, the lamb and millet + DryWater Kibble, and later the Trout and Potato. No embellishment or exaggeration, within two months Gracie's scratching had subsided significantly and she began adding weight. The picture of her at the beach was after we had her a little over a year and she had been on FRR 4+ months and weighed 60+ pounds, she now weighs about 70 which she has been her maintenance weight. She is now 7 years old and is extremely energetic, she can flat out fly, and is by far the most athletic of the 3 Dobes we have had. Best of all she hasn't scratched in years, her hair filled in completely - including the scarred areas of her feet, chest, and face - and she receives compliments all the time. Sorry to be long winded, but it really was remarkable compared to her experience with IAMs and other supposed super premium foods.

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier MixGender: Female
Full Name: Also known as Brownie or Butt Rocker for the way she walks.
Story: Coco is a sweetheart, we rescued her after losing our second Dobe (Emma) that looked as if she had some Pit in her lineage, she gave me the eye at the pound and I couldn't leave without her. It is pitiful to see over 40 Pit Bulls at the pound alone, and Coco was a little underweight and stinky, she weighed about 45 pounds and now weighs about 55 pounds and is roughly 1.5-2 years old in the pics. She is an awesome companion and likely has either German short hair pointer, hound, or beagle mixed with the Pit. Everyone she meets loves her due to her great personality and looks. She has passed Canine Good Citizen testing and level II obedience training and may become a therapy dog one day. We now think we will always have 1 Dobe and 1 Pit Bull as Pitties need more help due to media bias, etc.

Staff: Skip and Jennifer DeLaune
Home: Smyrna, GA
Date Entered into Gallery: June 14, 2011

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