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BB at 12 Years

Tyler at 7 Years

Mariachi at 6 Years

Mocha Java at 14 Years

Raven at 7 Years

Breed: Border Collie MixWeight: 55 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Activities: BB loves to chase balls, Frisbees, etc., but is not neurotic about it. He particularly liked to go with me on my horse but now has to content himself with the bicycle, because I don't ride horses anymore. I only take him on short trips because it's pretty hard on a dog to keep up, especially on pavement.
Favorite Place to Sleep: He likes to sleep under my bed.
Story: I got BB as a puppy the day I moved into my farm in Snowden. His mom is a "Snowden" dog, the product of a pack in the 70's that some guy took in as rescues and then let them interbreed. There's supposedly even some St. Bernard in his background, but his dad was a Border Collie and his mom was pretty typical looking, so I call him ¾ Border Collie. There are a couple of other dogs in that area that look just like him, but he's the best of the lot.

Breed: Poodle MixWeight: 9 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: She likes my bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: At home, Raven pretty much stays on my bed, or else she's underneath the chair I'm in, but whenever we get in the car, her place is in my lap.
Story: Raven was a mom for a breeder who changed interests so she'd already had a litter when I got her. Since then she's had several more, really darling puppies who are in great demand because they're so small. However, I feel she's done her duty and she was spayed this year.

Breed: Poodle MixWeight: 6 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Place to Sleep: He sleeps on my bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Tyler is daddy to a lot of cute puppies in our area, including all of Raven's, and is much in demand because he's so small. He's still available for stud service because he doesn't want to disappoint the ladies.
Story: Tyler lived at a breeder's where there were too many dogs. A couple of them had even gotten in a fight and killed each other. He attacked a Rottweiler once when we were on a walk, so now I have to be real careful there aren't any other dogs around. He thinks he's my favorite because I carry him most everywhere, but that's just because he's so small and easy to tote.

Mocha Java
Breed: Himalayan Persian MixWeight: 13 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Activities: Mocha doesn't go out much anymore so is usually somewhere not too far from my lap.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She sleeps next to my pillow.
Story: Mocha was a gift from my realtor when I bought my farm.

Breed: Domestic Longhair CatVariety: Calico
Weight: 9 poundsGender: Female
Favorite Activities: She likes prowling the neighborhood, but she always comes up just as I arrive home so I know she doesn't go very far afield. She also manages to get locked in the basement laundry room or the spare room occasionally, as she's very curious and follows you in and you don't know it.
Favorite Place to Sleep: She's usually prowling at night too, so it's a special treat when she shows up in my bed, usually in the wee hours and smelling of herbs. Mari and Mocha don't really like each other that much, although they're getting better, so it's a special treat when they're all in bed with me.
Story: Mari adopted me when I went with friends to a Bill Staines concert (she's named after one of his songs that I love, with the line, "At night I play the trumpet in a mariachi band"). She was about 4 months old, came up to me out of the crowd of six of us in the parking lot before the concert, just walked right up and stood up against my leg. She was still there when we came out so I asked around if she belonged to anyone. She rode in my lap on the 2 hour trip home, without moving.

Staff: Callie Jordan
Home: The Dalles, OR
Date Entered into Gallery: June 24, 2004

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