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Honey at 9 Years (left) and Abbey at 2 Years

Breed: American Staffordshire TerrierGender: Female
Story: Honey is the cinnamon colored girlie. She is currently 9 1/2 years young. I adopted her from a rescue group. She was found traveling down a city street with a 5 pound weight attached to her collar. We believe she was being prepped to be a fighter. Now she is just a mellow girlie that enjoys an occasional tussle with her foster sister Abbey. Before Abbey was adopted, I fostered many dogs (mostly the pit bull breed) for many different rescue groups. Honey was never aggressive with any of them, although she did get a little tired of all the new faces. Honey is a momma's girl, and gets to sleep with Mom (after all that was her spot before Abbey arrived). She doesn't have any health issues at this time, and Mom tries to ensure she eats good food, gets plenty of exercise, and lots of love.

Breed: American Staffordshire TerrierGender: Female
Story: Abbey is a brindle blue staffie. Abbey was also adopted from a rescue group. Abbey is almost two years old, and arrived at our home when she was 10 weeks old. She and Honey got along so well, that she just decided she would make her home here. Abbey still has puppy energy and gets on Honey's nerves sometimes, but Honey is a grouch. Abbey is not comfortable sleeping anywhere but her crate. We call it her security blanket. She is a happy, happy girl, and loves other animals and all people.

Staff: Sandra Thomas
Home: Angleton, TX
Date Entered into Gallery: June 21, 2011

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